Lil wayne and birdman gay - Why Didn’t Lil Wayne Ever Diss 50 Cent?

Jul 16, - An indictment for the man who allegedly shot at Lil Wayne's tour bus has claimed he called rival rappers Birdman and Young Thug immediately.

Jul 25, - Drake debuted his latest ink - Lil Wayne's face on his left tricep - while . 'You will get it this year,' Birdman confirmed on Travis Scott's Beats 1.

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Birdman saved us from hearing a huge let-down, and god-awful Album… Teambirdman.

14 More of the Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever |

Coming from the guy who has crazy as waynes number 1 song lol gtfo ur opinion is trash. Dude a crack head. Dude ur fckn Irrelevant to us. Ye wont overshadow wayne…. He should have released that J.

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You lil wayne and birdman gay remember the tracklist? Instead we got the Tina song because they were going out at the time smh: Justin Timberlake — Light Up.

I still play her Gangsta waynne. Post of the year. This nigga wore a bucket hat before any1.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor (born November 29, ), better known by his stage name The Game After releasing a mixtape OKE, on October 12, , Birdman announced The Game had signed to Cash .. drummer Travis Barker, "My Life" with rapper Lil Wayne and "Camera Phone" with R&B singer Ne-Yo. .. Video games.

Drake and who else? Lol nigga only listens to ym. And thats just the big named rappers. I, Jay Rock, The Game.

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Damn I forgot bout those, I enjoyed games album last year. The documentary 2 is going to be great, T. I hope so I bump their shjt quite often.

Rapper Lil Wayne begins one-year prison term

Why is Wayne still not releasing any music: I read that waybe and it had me dyin bruh. This drought is deadly man. It really has been. Yung Kyrie No Bron. Danny is this true!???? Read the bottom of the website.

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I bet your mother is proud. Your mom has probably gone through 3 marriages: Most of these rumors stem from Birdan Instagram, where Quan has posted lil wayne and birdman gay pictures of Thugger and other rappers with captions such as "bae" and "lovers" underneath.

Quan responded to these rumors in birmdan interview with Sway in the Morning where lil wayne and birdman gay rapper clarified that everyone in Atlanta knows that neither he nor Thugger is gay. In fact, Quan finds amusement more than anything else in these accusations because they're supposedly so false he finds it funny how people can take any story and run with it. He also said that he tries to not even gay bar website michigan to such rumors because he knows that's exactly what trolls waayne him to do.

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turn a straight boy gay Rumors regarding Kanye West 's possible homosexuality date back all the way to That was when he was interviewed by Sway from MTV, and at a time when homosexuality was still considered a taboo subject, West basically called out hip-hop for being homophobic and advised that the industry should grow up on the matter.

The fact that Lil wayne and birdman gay was bold enough to champion for gay rights back when the subject wasn't nearly as accepted as bordman is now was enough for people lil wayne and birdman gay start speculating that he was gay.

For years, West has fought against accusations and false rumors regarding his sexuality, which have no weight to them. It's a ridiculous response to a brave statement, especially when Snd has only been romantically linked to women like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. In Februarysomeone released a photo to Instagram's Gayy gossip account of a man in bed with another man, who was allegedly Wale.

Lil Wayne officiated same-sex wedding while in jail, memoir reveals

Lil wayne and birdman gay person who sent the picture claimed that Wale was having an affair with the person's cousin before Wale ghosted the man once Wale had his child with his girlfriend, Chloe Alexis.

While the story itself doesn't sound too far fetched in that it's a common case that happens between couples with a closeted partner, the man in the picture hardly even looks like Wale.

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lil wayne and birdman gay Wale then took to Twitter and was baffled at the fact that some people would create drama and smoke where there wasn't even fire.

This was the first are 12 pack and heat gay, so far, the last time that Wale was rumored to be gay. Smith has also been long speculated to be a closeted gay man or bisexual, at the very least. More appropriately, the hot ongoing rumor around town is that he and his wife, Jada Pinketthave been swingers for years and usually swing with partners of all colors and genders.