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Once you have a slave that's submissive enough, there's a new sex scene that will and asset expansion; Straight (male on female) content; Gay (male on male) It does have a story, but the focus of the game is on the management of slaves. remove her bottoms and give her > a spanking she'll not soon forget.

A Bad Mood She woke out of sorts and the day got worse. A Hot Headmistress gets a Thrill! The Headmistress, the teacher and a naughty schoolgirl. Antique Store Maid Wife is accidentally purchased. Pakistani Daughter A daughter takes over.

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Little Daddy's girl is getting too cocky. The Escort A naughty escort service delivery that was pure heaven.

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Beach Shower Girls rinse off after swimming. An Angry Young Woman She seemed perpetually angry.

Spanking stories : By niche - a Sex Stories

Tennis Star Maria becomes a woman's pet. Protected Area She trespassed into a protected area in the nature reserve. Sexting Experiment Sending videos to him, obeying. Amending Marks She decided to improve her exam results.

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Photoshoot Her agent wanted her to expand her portfolio. A Lesson in Respect He punishes his princess for disobeying. Hands Off Couple gets inventive when they have no toys to play with. Pranks He gets revenge for her nasty tricks.

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A Cheerleader's Release Ch. Anna Discovers She is a Whore Ch.

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Housewife and the Boy Ch. Totally unrestrained is very impressive. I don't like that guy at all but she obviously does.

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That's how you tame a whore! I'd love to beat her up some more, like 10 mins more! It's a good thing a have a whore who loves to slapped, punched, spit on and having her hair pulled!

Fuck off to anyone who says it's stupid Reply Report.

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However, I do things that might be too brutal for someone else. It is consensual and that is all that matters. She says please stop, but in the end she spankung consenting and probably had an actual safeword she could say.

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The reason why people have a safeword, for all those supposed masochists out there who have never actually experienced a real whipping, is in case it is too much. That level of pain can kill people who are not s;anking.

PEople can go into cardiac arrest because of that.

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It is not me saying he shouldn't be able to do what she ultimately wants, but it is me saying there is a certain level of care that is needed and i can guarantee they talked thoroughly about this. I think she actually stated that she wanted it this hard in the full video.

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My brother's wife made him promise her that he was going to try and convince her and remind her that she wanted a natural birth if she began to request drugs. She is her own woman, and my brother does not lord over her.

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Fact remains, he respects and loves her and will give her what she wants, until m m gay free spanking stories becomes a risk to her. She was in labor for many, many hours, was crying and vomiting and her vitals were getting a bit wonky, and then he said enough is enough.

Is he a tyrant who said no drugs? fay

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No, she is the one who told him to remind her in a moment of weakness this is what she wanted. This whipping is what the woman wanted as well, and it in no way was too much in terms of being dangerous.

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Last Call12 -3 points days ago And do you have a life? Shadler -5 points days ago Aftercare?

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You fucking pencil dick, it's called manipulation. I actually love you, you deserve this. You're helpless without me, you need me.

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I'm the best you'll get. Pathetic fuck of a man.

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Mike -4 points days ago Absolutely. This is abuse and battery. He belongs in jail. Please fix it or direct me to somewhere I can buy it for my private arsenal.

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I attempted signing up through the Heavy-R app butt it says some creepy stuff about charging my card Would love to see more vids of this couple though as I'm sure would many others based on the comments I wish I could find someone to do this to my ass and niggaz and bitchez gay sex, too. Life Choices [v 0. Psychic Private Eye [v 0.

Inspector J Episode 4. Celeste Blake - The Evindium Affair [v m m gay free spanking stories.

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Fresh Start [v 0. The Void Club Ch. Troubles With Altered Tofu. Sissy Adventures [v 1. Part 6 Degradation or liberation??

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My facinating journey towards the whoredom! Part 3 Degradation or liberation??

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Jacqueline's descent no codes by author by Steven Wilkerson Review It! Weekend Puppy no codes by author by rallyV Review It!

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The Famous Four and the Box. Phyllis no codes by author by E.

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Tales of the RAC 2: I'll be with you shortly. Tales of the RAC: Adventure 1, Scott in Atlanta.

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Story of my self torture no codes by author by Debbie Review It! Part 2 Adventures being Tied and Edged by Guys.

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Part 1 revised Tales of Ancient Rome 5: Part 2 First Meeting with a Sadist. Part 5 Sgories in the cards From a Dream to a Nightmare to Families That Play Together Part 5 First Meeting with a Sadist.

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The consequences of failing to eat your master's pussy no codes by author by Miss Devil Review It! Part 2 It's in the cards