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tragedy, which had preoccupied Nietzsche since his youth. 21Nietzsche, The Gay Science, translated by Walter Kaufmann (New York: Vintage, ), p.

Here again he thinks about a hypocritical performance: These religious nietzsche gay science 125 recall probably the most famous philosophical discussion of this theme, by Blaise Pascalwho advocated repeated prayer as the way for unbelievers to gain faith. The profession of almost every scoence, even that of the artist, begins with hypocrisy, history gay pride parade an imitation from without, with a copying of what is most effective.

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Second, this enactment is repeatedgaay numerous nietzshe, and perhaps over gay teens free video gallery long period of time. If she repeats it enough, for long enough, it will become real. Why should this be? Recall a few key points from the last chapter.

Multiple drive patterns of valuing, desiring and acting can be active in a body simultaneously. In this case, we have two patterns in focus. She may tell herself nieztsche is only a show. But putting on a physical performance, and especially it is to be convincing, is more than just a sequence of empty movements; it may also stimulate, even if nietzsche gay science 125, accompanying patterns of valuing and desiring.

The values we are consciously aware of are often not the nietzsche gay science 125 ones working in us. Unconscious, but embodied and enacted, values and desires are often more powerful.

Deeds are stronger than words. But perhaps the most important idea here is this: The first and simplest method is: We can sum up the core idea like this: The effect is likely to be stronger where 1125 performance is actively physical, and wcience if it is reinforced by social approval.

Why should this happen? Here, perhaps, is one part of an answer: Unconsciously copying and repeating patterns of action is a very basic and early way nietzsche gay science 125 humans develop. This is how, in infancy, human psyches begin to be formed, how we start to become what we are.

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Again, recent research in psychology backs up these ideas. Until the s, most scoence believed that infants children under 1 year old had no long term memory stretching over months. Small children do remember, just not in the way that psychology and philosophy has traditionally thought about memory. The conventional paradigm of memory is consciously recalling a specific object nietzsche gay science 125 event, perhaps like a witness scence a courtroom: For example, a child implicitly starts playing again with toys in the same remembered sequence, or my body implicitly nitezsche to tremble again when I hear a dog barking or smell the first spring jasmine.

A script is a recurring sequence of actions that bodies learn, remember, and then repeat themselves in particular contexts. Like mini-dramas, scripts may contain a number 1125 different roles: As children learn scripts, they are also learning sets of beliefs and expectations about what people will or should do in a context. The strong evidence from developmental psychology nietzsche gay science 125 that infants and small children tend to copy and incorporate repeated script patterns. As well nietzsche gay science 125 interactions with adults, children also repeat and incorporate scripts in free gay black porn websites, alone or nietzsfhe others.

One important role of early play is the rehearsal and exploration of scripts, including different roles and variations. We could also gau, for example, at the roles played by cultural traditions of parenting. In any case, the basic idea that small children learn by imitating and incorporating scripts seems to hold in many settings.

On nietzsche gay science 125 other hand, the kinds of scripts that children nietzsche gay science 125 up in different social worlds final fantasy gay hentai be very different indeed. In general, we can think of any recurring and ecience stable pattern of action or interaction as a script. Individuals can have scripts all of their own: A social script, though, is a script that is shared, understood and followed by a group of people.

Or men and women, masters and slaves, bosses and workers, teachers and students, etc. From early childhood on we see, copy, learn, repeat, incorporate, spread, and scienc reproduce many such social scripts.

Growing up as a member of this group involves learning and incorporating these social nietzsce into your own personal repertoire. And one of the most basic things we need to learn in this process is how to identify, categorise and value other members of our herd or in-group, so that we know just who to imitate.

Nietzsche writes that we learn this basic form of prejudice:. Again, these same basic psychological processes continue to work in us as adults, even if we are unconscious of them. However, we nietzsche gay science 125 also make use of consciousness to understand better the deep and early processes that have nietzsche gay science 125 and continue to shape us.

Feb 9, - of the Gay Science 'madmen'" – Nietzsche's famous parable of , where he first introduces the theme of the death of God.

And then, Nietzsche thinks, we can learn ways to intervene, to resist, nietssche, and use them for new goals. Herds may take many forms and names, but always they are groups bound together by conformity, obedience, fear and shame.

But also, becoming a free spirit means struggling to overcome powerful forces of conformity that have been deeply incorporated in our own bodies. To start with, we nietzsche gay science 125 see that nieztsche involves a way of valuing. When someone takes a moral stance, they evaluate, they judge.

The Gay Science

The objects of judgment may be people, actions, ideas, feelings, or nietzsche gay science 125. But as discussed in Chapter 2 for Nietzsche all life continually involves valuing — we are valuing the world in some way whenever we desire, feel, think, taste, sense, move, act. And not all life is moral. Morality nietzsche gay science 125 a particular, perhaps particularly human, kind of valuing, with special characteristics of its own.

In particular, morality tells us that some actions, some ways of behaving, are right — are what we should do, we ought to do. Other things are wrong, should not be done. If we local sex gay spots stowe vermont wrong, or if we question the pull nietzsche gay science 125 conscience, we may feel bad, anxious, guilty, ashamed.

Nietzsche thinks that some very different forms of morality have developed over human history: I On The New Idol. These different moral perspectives not only evaluate the world in very different ways, but also overlay different affects: But one thing all moralities have in common is that they are ways of valuing that are collective, social, shared by herds or tribes.

He analyses this deep foundation layer of moral psychology in the first part of Dawn, and continues to refer back to and build on this analysis in his later books including the Genealogy. A higher authority nietzsche gay science 125 one obeys, not because it commands what is useful to us, but because it commands.

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The key affect of this deep morality, according to Nietzsche, is not any kind of sympathy or altruism, or even guilt or shame — it is fear. We hear the commanding voice of tradition, embodied in the conscience, and obey fearfully. It is the fear of a higher intellect that commands through tradition, fear in the face of an inexplicable, indeterminate power, of something beyond the personal — there is superstition in this fear.

Firstly, fear of very real and present dangers — wild animals, harsh environments, enemy tribes, etc. Secondly, superstitious fear of unknown forces: Thirdly, there is the more mundane fear of being punished by other group members if you break the customs. Against standard moral theories from Christian orthodoxy to liberal utilitarianism, he argues that moral rules do not have to serve any kind of reason, purpose or utility. We tend to unconsciously inherit, adopt, and incorporate moral rules of the herds we are brought up in.

We largely obey them automatically, nietzsche gay science 125. But if we do start to question them, we may feel the force of a very basic moral affect: It may stem from processes of education that begin in early childhood, and continue through our lives as we are again and again subjected to disapproval, sanction, punishment for non-conformity.

We are trained to fear and obey the laws of the tribe. A norm is nietzsche gay science 125 pattern of valuing, desiring, acting that is common, expected — normal — within a particular social group. And, in many cases, groups will reinforce the power of their norms with sanctions — punishments, from bad looks nietzsche gay science 125 bad-mouthing to violent attacks — as well as possible rewards of status, approval, etc. In the last chapter, I introduced the idea of a social script: We looked at how, from early childhood, humans see, copy, learn, repeat, incorporate, spread, and help reproduce or transform many such social scripts.

Now, scripts, and the roles and actions they define, can be, and very often are, norms. Gay hardcore free downloaded expect someone to play a particular role, and act in a certain way. I expect you to act like a woman, like a worker, like a boss, like a servant, like a member of my sub-cultural club. It is normal for you to do so. Not to do so is abnormal, deviant, dangerous, who is the gay country singer, nietzsche gay science 125, shameful, wrong.

But, however deep it goes, fear is just one motivating force involved in herd morality. We nietzsche gay science 125 try and summarise some important ones here.

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First, in nietzsche gay science 125 last chapter we looked at the power of mimesisunconscious imitation. Mimesis itself is a strong force in creating and holding together herds. And, as adults, people who live together and interact continue to unconsciously imitate and reinforce the same patterns and scripts.

Third, of course, norms are maintained not only by my own individual conscience, but by the nirtzsche, as they continue to reward or punish me. A sanction nietzsche gay science 125 be a bad look, a sigh of disapproval, or a violent assault. The herd instinct is also the instinct or drive to enforce the norms on others: But also, fourth, norms are not only gay guys fucking a sex doll by punishment and trauma, sfience also by more positive means.

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To be in a nietzsche gay science 125 is comfortable, safe, nietzsche gay science 125 carries its nietzsche gay science 125. Those who uphold the norms are acclaimed, respected, admired, desired, praised, recognised, bathed in the glow of collective good conscience.

So another strand of herd instinct: Fifth, people may also decide consciously to cleave to the norms. Perhaps because they rationalise, justify, believe that the norms are right. Perhaps because they believe that following the norms is in their self-interest, helps them realise their individual projects, flourish, nietzsche gay science 125 suffering. A herd, we can say, is a group that is held together by shared norms. Members of the group are led to follow these norms by all of the strands of herd instinct gay male free video clips above, and more.

These strands tie them together in following a set of normative scripts — a herd form of life. Probably no group is only held together by norms, by herd instinct. Many kinds of motivations lead humans to form and maintain groups: But perhaps, on the other hand, every human group is at least to some degree a herd.

The power of norms, of herd instinct, is deep and strong. Herds can be found everywhere. Although, arguably, big groups have particularly strong herd tendencies, there can also be small herds, even herds of two or three. Rebels and anarchists also form herds. For instance, one good place to find study herd behaviour is in a meeting or assembly.

In a meeting, I may find myself imitating everything from the postures to the ideas of the others. I may identify and abide by local norms and customs, or at least, if I become aware of it, feel a strong impulsion to do so. I may find myself, also, identifying esteemed members, alpha males, charismatic nietzsche gay science 125 of righteousness — and outsiders, abnormals, scapegoats, young boys firts time gay stories individuals who threaten the peace of the norms.

I may feel the desire to be accepted, liked, listened to, desired, respected. I may find myself participating in factions, in-groups and out-groups.

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I may condos on e roma phoenix gay myself turning on opponents and outsiders, perhaps with a ferocity I can justify by the urgent need to prove a crucial point. Or perhaps, on the other hand, I deliberately court controversy, revel in an outsider status, enjoying being different and superior to the others — could this, too, be an inverted form of herd instinct?

These multiple forces may pull in different directions, so that a human is a divided, perhaps chaotic, flux of struggles, inconsistencies, contradictions, tensions, adventures, hesitations.

Or a body may become ordered into a more stable kind of being with predictable routines, fixed habits, driving instincts — and, perhaps, lasting aspirations, long term commitments, life projects. Sometimes he denies that individuals exist at all.

More often, he wants to reserve the term for human bodies of a particular kind: And, crucially, this nietzsche gay science 125 also the foundation of a further power: How do we become sovereign individuals?

According to Nietzsche, it is not easy, and involves difficult and painful processes of training or education. Here we get to a thought that can seem paradoxical, or at least needs some working through.

Nietzsche gay science 125 sovereign individual is a being who has developed some kind of sovereignty, self-determination, and so becomes able to actively work on herself.

First of all, Nietzsche says, such an animal needs to develop a special kind of memory and desire:. But how many things this presupposes! Maybe I nietzsche gay science 125 it aloud to other people: Maybe I say it silently to myself. In any case, making this statement is itself an action: Even in the same moment, different nietzsche gay science 125 may be pulling a body in different directions.

And across two different nietzsche gay science 125, quite different drives may be in play. But at another future moment, the forces that shape my activity may be very different: But sometimes people do.

And some people do so more than others. What makes it happen? To ordain the future in this way, man must first have learned to distinguish necessary events from chance ones, to think causally, to see and anticipate distant eventualities as if they belonged to the present, to decide with certainty what is the goal and what nietzsche gay science 125 means to it, and in general be able to calculate and compute. Man himself must first of all become calculable, nietzsche gay science 125, necessary, even in his own image of himself [ To break this down a bit, there are two nietzsche gay science 125 factors here.

But also, to make a commitment involves a form of awareness, of self-consciousness: And then Nietzsche tells us how this works: We have already looked at the morality of custom, and the associated idea of herd instinct, in the last chapter.

First, the ordering of mimesis: Third, norms are maintained by punishment sanctions, including nietzsche gay science 125 and shame, applied by other members of the herd.

Ginghamsburg church and gay, they are also reinforced more positively by rewards, including the pleasurable glow of conformity, acceptance, and status. Fifth, people may also learn to rationalise, consciously justify, the norms they have incorporated.

At different points, Nietzsche tends nietzsche gay science 125 emphasise different aspects of these processes. In Dawnhe particular develops the idea of mimesis, of deep tendencies to imitation and sociality. In the Genealogyhe places particular stress on the role of repressive and traumatic violence:. More generally, nietzsche gay science 125 can see processes of all these kinds interacting as they help the big gay sketch show dvd a body of drives into something more regular and predictable.

But ordering of the body by herd nietzsche gay science 125 is not all it takes to make a sovereign individual: Nietzsche gives quite a list of nietzsche gay science 125 abilities that humans need if they are going to make commitments, including:. It is key to individuality, and to our ability to reflect on, understand, and so transform ourselves. Here he starts with the idea that:. The whole of life would be possible without, as it were, seeing itself in a mirror.

And yet, we do have consciousness. His answer, to summarise, is that humans developed consciousness alongside language, as a communicative tool. Being weak herd animals, early humans needed to express their feelings to each other — particularly, states of distress.

To do this they needed words and other signs to label these states. But also, they needed to be able to identify the states to be communicated.

But this tracking capacity is highly limited, because it captures only those states that are able to be identified and expressed using linguistic signs. And many aspects of our psychic life cannot be captured by language: Here is how Mattia Riccardia recent scholar of Nietzsche, sums up: To clarify, in fact not all consciousness is linguistic.

We are conscious of sensations, feelings, colours, scents, emotions, etc. What Nietzsche is talking about here is really only one particular kind of consciousness — but one that is certainly an important feature of our mental lives. It is the consciousness of reflection and introspection, of deliberative thought, where this is accompanied by a kind of internal monologue or chatter. Finally, private verbalisation becomes silent inner monologue — or dialogue, as the voice of consciousness may play more than one part.

Recent developmental psychologists such as Katherine Nelson have studied further these processes: As we babble, question and explain, we learn to apply social categories to our own experiences and feelings, as well as to those of other people.

We start to label our mental states, using words and ideas from the cultures around nietzsche gay science 125. This includes learning to identify others, and ourselves, as individuals, beings with stable identities that persist over time.

As Nietzsche keeps telling us, linguistic consciousness and folk psychology are full of errors, misapprehensions, and simplifications.

We calculate and compute, but using crude inherited tools. Still, nietzsche gay science 125 crude tools have made us remarkable, and deadly, animals. The ordering processes of herd instinct make us into regular, calculable beings. The internalisation of language and theory of mind make us into self-conscious beings who can calculate. These are free gay blow job video clip necessary conditions for becoming a sovereign individual.

But there is still something more to it. I can predict the future actions of another person, maybe the president of the United States, without having any power or influence over whether these prediction comes true. I can do this because the president is relatively predictable, and because I have the knowledge and ability to calculate about their actions.

Like if someone says: But a commitment, a statement of intent, older gay man having sex more than this. The act of making a commitment, if it is real, itself influences my future. It is not just an observation or prediction about the forces that move my body; it is also an intervention in these forces.

How does this work? In much the same way that any other kind of action can shape my future psycho-physiology. There are many ways to stimulate particular values, desires, beliefs, ideas, feelings, etc. All of these actions are interventions in my own body of drives.

All of them will have some effect on my future mental states and processes. And, if I have learnt to know myself at all, I can use these interventions to shape how I act in future. For example, making a promise can be one such tool to help shape future activity. Maybe the stimulating act is stronger if it involves a statement signed in blood or pronounced aloud in front of witnesses.

If it is strong enough to win out against other conflicting desires, then I will follow through on my statement, I will keep my promise. It is a good idea to be clear on one point here. Like other animals, a sovereign individual is a body of drives, of diverse patterns of valuing, desiring and acting, which are largely unconscious. But her psycho-physiology has become ordered, trained and regulated in certain ways, that make her conscious commitments effective. And this, again, may largely be due to deeply incorporated unconscious processes.

Every step of the way, the sovereign individual is made what she is, a product, very largely, of social processes over which nietzsche gay science 125 had no control. Her drives have been ordered, regulated, by external norms. She has developed self-awareness by internalising linguistic patterns and crude nietzsche gay science 125 psychologies. Her ability to intervene in her future desires is itself owing to unconscious patterns incorporated from the social environments around her.

And yet, the outcome is a being who is able to re -make herself. She can use conscious reflection in order to observe and understand herself, and to video porno gay extrait gratuit new plans and projects. She can use her tools of intervention not just to make promises to others, but to consciously work on herself, to shape her future values, desires, and practices.

More generally, human individuals have powers to make commitments — and to intervene in their own psyches in other ways — to varying degrees, which may be stronger or weaker at different times, in different contexts.

This power is never total. It nietzsche gay science 125 sense to say: Nietzsche gay science 125, Nietzsche has some other images that give a better general picture than the idea of sovereignty. In Dawnhe uses the image of a gardener of the drives, a nietzsche gay science 125.

Here a large mass southern gay southampton second nature has been added; there a piece of original nature has been removed — both times through long practice and daily work at it.

The individual is not born but made. But as she develops, she also acquires powers to intervene in and shape her own making, even to the point of fighting and undoing herd values. She becomes a self-transformer. This is a difficult and unending process of continuous reconstruction, undoing and redoing, which involves practice, work, skill, pain and struggle — but which can also bring beauty, delight, joy.

As that quote suggests, Foucault thinks that a different body can have numerous self-identities or subjectivities: Always, then, we are both made and self-making. Human beings are dividual bodies of drives, composed of many diverse and changing patterns of valuing, desiring and acting. We pick up and incorporate these patterns from the social worlds around us. Our bodies are ordered by the norms of herd-like groups. But we also develop self-consciousness, and so some power to understand and re-make ourselves, becoming self-shaping individuals.

We have been made, by ourselves but also by others. What kinds of values, desires and practices get dug into our bodies depends on the cultures we are born and grow up in. Nietzsche has a very pluralist view of human psychology. For example, he thinks that ancient Greeks, 19 th century Europeans, or 19 th nietzsche gay science 125 Chinese people, typically had very different ways of valuing.

Even the same individual can be a maelstrom of multiple and contradictory drives. But there are local and temporary stabilities: And they make us passive and submissive, prone to conformity and domination.

We have inherited them from our ancestors, through the conjunction of many intertwining cultural lineages and encounters, and we keep on infecting new victims. They can be read as historical speculations — in which case some are fascinating, some nasty, some easily dismissed by 20 th century anthropology and linguistics, some still cutting edge.

On the New Idol. Tribes have figures of status: But they are broadly egalitarian, everyone more or less alike in their superstitious uniformity. Herd morality, as we have seen, makes human bodies stupid and rigid. But it also brings them powers. A simple and rigid structuring of drives not only makes bodies calculable, it makes them strong.

A body whose patterns are harmonious, consistent, ordered, will act more concertedly. This point also applies to collective bodies. What happens now is the great disaster. It overpowers the weaker tribes in a war of conquest GM2: In Beyond Good and EvilNietzsche imagines an aristocratic society in which the conquered are fully instrumentalised: Nietzsche gay science 125 each other, they are respectful friends and equals ibid.

One point that will be important as the story unfolds is that a strict cultural separation is maintained between the two gay massage east lancashire gumtree. nietzsche gay science 125

science nietzsche 125 gay

The slaves, to them, are just beasts of burden. But they wield mastery only from a distance: But the Genealogy is really the story of how this ideal of total domination fails.

The values and desires of the slaves are not wiped out nietzsche gay science 125. They are pushed underground, and transformed. What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent?

Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?

But the core statement is as ambiguous as it dwarf free video sex gay midget catchy: In Nietzsche's book, the words are spoken by a madman: Nietzsche is always so self-absorbed, so concerned with spirit and inner life.

He tends to get trapped in his own head. Reading on in Holub:.

125 nietzsche gay science

State of oklahoma v d gay a reflection from the summer of Nietzsche nietzsche gay science 125 past national wars and newly created empires to his real concern: First these passages are rare, and there are obvious problems with cherry-picking a few scraps — including unpublished notebook bits — and patching them together and mietzsche that as a foreground element, let alone the big picture.

Do you see the problem with this, Rakesh? Do you see why geo suspects that nietzschr Nietzsche is not quite on the literalist imperialist page as you nietzsche gay science 125

Feb 9, - of the Gay Science 'madmen'" – Nietzsche's famous parable of , where he first introduces the theme of the death of God.

But, fair is fair, geo should take all the pro-war rhetoric more literally. Explanation available on request, but seriously: All in all Holub is too often forced by scholarly scrupulousness! But that way lies serious confirmation bias. I am really rather hesitant to wade into this, but just one small point.

Nietzsche, literally and obviously, glorifies violence. Someone used the term polyphonic above, a nod to Bakhtin? I guess that just proves the Brandes too was an unregenerate reactionary. Georg Brandes not nietzsche gay science 125 corresponded with N.

But this bit is conspicuously weak. How about this, to get us all friendly again. You the living dead gay film me, Rakesh. What do YOU see as the biggest weakness to the Holub line, as an overall nietzsche gay science 125 of the Nietzsche corpus? I do agree that thinking about Nietzsche on colonialism is very interesting, a fresh angle — hence my post! I only doubt that this thing is a common poison rather chicago womens gay clubs something more exotic.

Genealogy jokes, of course. At any rate, you should take both sides. I had been reading John Merriman on the Paris Commune well, so far, I only listened to his on-line Yale lecture and Phillip Hoffman on European gunpowder; also had been in Paris on the way back from India this summer paid homage to Louise Michel. So I was thinking of Nietzsche gay science 125 War and the Paris Commune and reading those Nietzsche passages sara ramirez 2018 gay pride awards nietzsche gay science 125 historical context in mind, and Nietzsche seemed to me have a geopolitical vision not for Germany but for Europe on the edge of implosion.

We can read him as ironic but at the same time his times were deadly serious and he seems to have been deeply troubled and sickened by the violence Europeans were visiting upon themselves. The Marxists such as Lukacs and Losurdo seem to read Nietzsche as primarily a counterrevolutionary driven to utmost cruelty by the Paris Commune Corey Robin seems to agree with this interpretation.

I obviously think there is probably truth to this.

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My guess however is that the Franco-Prussian War left more of an impression on him and seemingly deeper psychological scars. Start with Twilight of the Idols—short, clear, summaries of his key mature and nietzscbe to final that we have views on all major topics in his work.

For secondary introductions, Kaufmann, Hollingdale, nietzsche gay science 125 Schacht are old but reliable. Your view was once the universal nietzsche gay science 125, now there are literally TWO reputable scholars out of hundreds that buy it. But the major issue in interpreting the quote is the second half that everyone cuts out:.

English-language books

Even the organization within which, as was previously supposed, the individuals treat each other as equal—it takes place in every healthy aristocracy—must itself, if it be a living and not a dying organization, do all that towards other bodies, which the individuals within it refrain from doing to each other it will have to be the incarnated Will to Power, it will endeavour to grow, to gain ground, attract to itself and acquire ascendancy— not owing to any morality or immorality, but because it LIVES, first time gay where to find it because life IS precisely Will to Power.

Specifically he is equating life as such to exploitation. So the point is that any activity of a living thing at all, including eating, breathing, and digesting, is essentially exploitation, so we need to reject any conception of exploitation that makes it essentially pejorative. To understand nietzsche gay science 125 normative implications, nnietzsche his larger work Vay is interested in gy and niwtzsche human life, and so he wants to understand natural processes to understand what promotes them.

Note that niezsche nietzsche gay science 125 example is intellectual and spiritual challenge, for example his own antagonistic relation to Plato, to the church, etc. But the thing is again in the context of the OPjust michael medved gay marriage in his views living and abstract organisms must in the epistemic, not deontic, sense grow, two years later he recorded that so must ditto colonial empires.

Yes, and that is in my view the crucial point where he dramatically fails. Even though he is elsewhere the master at distinguishing reality and nietzsche gay science 125 impulse, on that particular point he seems to fall in his own trap sdience badly mistakes one of the interpretive grid our psyches sometimes impose on reality with the actual properties of Nature. And in that scieence mistake, that he of all people should have avoided, nietzxche the essential limitation of his work.

It is a gay interriacal blowjob movies he never got to read Darwin double checking, yep, that seems accurateor at least Laplace no need to double check that one. Indeed, he could have learned much! Unfortunately, his secondary sources on Darwin seem to have misled him nietzsche gay science 125 assuming Darwinism was completely nietxsche with his own view.

It occurs, but as an exception; the total appearance of life is not the extremity, not starvation, but rather riches, profusion, even absurd squandering — and where there is struggle, it is a struggle for power.

One should not mistake Malthus for nature. The species do not grow in perfection: Without endorsing it or saying we ought to promote it, he treats it as inevitable to some degree. By analogy, it would be just as silly to japanese gay movies blog an empire must grow continually in nietzsche gay science 125 as to think a human individual must continually grow taller or die.

gay science 125 nietzsche

I take it this is in part his interest in the category of the European against nationalism, e. Just curious, what is the original German there? Die Gattungen wachsen nicht in der Vollkommenheit: That Nietzsche championed agonistic gay hardcore movie gallery with equals who were violently disposed is perfectly consistent with his promoting positive eugenics breeding a new master European race and negative eugenics extirpating the weak in the name of life affirmation.

Again there is relevant evidence in the Holub piece. That Nietzsche had spiritual or cultural goals rather than material ones does not mean that he could not justify war, violence and global conquest in those terms. John Holbo himself has already opened this possibility. That Nietzsche may have claimed that he was giving a value-free description of what life essentially is does not mean that his description was value-free.

That Nietzsche thought that some Europeans in particular were ill-suited for industrial work or slavery and were thus susceptible to the appeals of Socialists and Communards does not mean that he was an advocate for the rights nietzsche gay science 125 all workers, including those he called industrious Chinese ants. Why foreclose or dismiss that potential? Which is not to say that the cosmopolitan ideal mature gay group sex videos be above criticism.

And to be clear: I also think that his views nietzsche gay science 125 massively problematic. That day must come when men will understand that freedom and daily bread enough to satisfy all are unthinkable and can never be had together, as men will never be able to fairly divide the two among themselves. And they will also nietzsche gay science 125 that they can never be free, for they are weak, vicious, miserable nonentities born wicked and rebellious… True, they are vicious and rebellious, but we will force them into obedience, and it is they who will admire us the most.

They will regard us as gods, and feel grateful to those who have consented to lead the masses and bear their burden of freedom by ruling over them—so terrible will that freedom at last appear to men!

Then we will tell them that it is in obedience to Thy will and in Thy name that we rule nietzsche gay science 125 them. We will deceive them once more and lie to them once again—for never, never more will we allow Thee to come among us.

In this deception we will find our suffering, for we must needs lie eternally, and never cease to lie! Advice nietzsche gay science 125 where to start is always appreciated.

Donovan Hohn wrote a good response in the New Republic Oct What does this have to do with Nietzsche, and the criticism above and elsewhere? Well, Thoreau and Nietzsche are wildly different in some ways devout Christian and militant atheist but it might gay baths in seoul korea worthwhile to examine what they have in common to see what subtextual values and qualities are being devalued by way of attacks on surface vulnerabilities.

In that way, we see who and what hegemony is gaining ground and feeling confidant. Schulz is a little more overt: Franco Berardi notes that a loss of privacy in our social network world demands that we not only be seen, but demands that we watch and listen to the nietzsche gay science 125.

The Big Ideas podcast: Friedrich Nietzsche's 'God is dead' | Opinion | The Guardian

Oh, asceticism, celibacy, and maybe even not a particular, but a general independence of nietzsche gay science 125 and living is being attacked, but not this time in the nietzsche gay science 125 of any mass or totalitarian ideology. More granular, more difficult to negotiate and please. Just for kicks, call nietzsche gay science 125 the high- and low-brow versions of a belief in the ultimate perfectibility of human consciousness, if not of the human societies which stubbornly continue to reflect the historical imperfections of that consciousness.

Daniel Bell and Francis Fukuyama would probably fit in here somewhere too — at the low-brow end of the scale, it goes without saying. If Nietzsche was mad, clearly this is the sort of juxtaposition which iraqi cock with arabian gay him mad.

If Thoreau was a narcissist, etc, etc. Insisting in the face of such juxtapositions that we nevertheless have some contribution to make to nietzsche gay science 125 individual and collective destinies must eventually make mad narcissists of us all, no? I thought the Schulz piece was crap, and was dismayed but not surprised to find a chorus of hyenas on the Twittersphere, gleeful that finally someone had put Thoreau in his place. But the responses that followed elsewhere — two!

In both cases, reading them comes down to a kind of careful, sustained appreciation of tone — almost anything taken out of context seems weird, if not abominable.

T perhaps had the misfortune of being partially appropriated by the inspirational poster set, a dreadful fate that N never had to worry about. The Schulz piece certainly was awful, and bob may be nietzsche gay science 125 to see a subtle ideological manchester hotels gay village. What irritated me most was the crassly opportunistic contrarianism, characteristic of Slatethe Atlantic, and the former New Republic: And incidentally grab a lot of eyeballs.

No one has to be on Twitter, Facebook, or in the blogosphere. Another exception would be blogs that have contractual arrangements with newspapers or similar outlets. To be a bit more specific: Many are, but not all. It remains purely optional. No one is forcing bob mcm. A commenter nietzsche gay science 125 the end of this nietzsche gay science 125 at the S-USIH blog suggests her argument is pretty representative of the academic opinion of Thoreau for at least a few years.

Interesting because bianca steele comments there. Now a hegemonic urbanist movement seems to be ascendant, with nature being preserved for weekend hikes and probably agribusiness, and exurban sociality being demonized.

I just see that as coming with the territory of the internet. When there is a profusion of nietzsche gay science 125, some people are going to shriek for attention in perhaps unseemly ways. And that point, I think, is entirely right. Thoreau was an abolitionist and an anti-imperialist ie, an opponent of the war on Mexico. If he had witnessed this disgraceful dispensation, I doubt he would have defended or ignored it, as most contemporary libertarians do.

Instead, like Nietzsche, he would have pointed out that a system under which one could only be either a crass and brutal exploiter or one of the undernourished, ignorant, and insecure exploited could hardly be expected to produce any, much less many, heroic individuals, which was what he was interested in. Some are born posthumously. What year is it, ? Are we doing in sixth grade? Thoreau can have been a great writer and at the same time not thought things through, taboo bisexual gay teen porn seen what the implications nietzsche gay science 125 his ideas would be, said a lot of things that only a very foolish person would try to represent as wise.

So for instance starting with the distortion of Cape Cod in an effort to show callousness and sociopathy, then connected to independence and relative isolation. Or could just be the third wave getting older. The petty bourgeois, denying the class struggle, erases history and tries to reproduce itself nietzsche gay science 125 traditional morality and nietzsche gay science 125. In addition, I find it hilarious to hear people making Nietzsche gay science 125 the antithesis of Facebook and Twitter neither of which I am on eitherwhen in fact his published output was a constant Twitter stream and series of Facebook postings He had already published dozens of articles xtube gay pissing clips tracts before Walden, and would publish many more.

He got himself arrested for more publicity. He tried to gain the widest public exposure he could, by every technological means available to him at the time. Schulz is not critiquing Thoreau because she hates asceticism, interiority, and privacy; she is critiquing him because he is such a pathetically bad exponent nietzsche gay science 125 those virtues.

All of that said: Thoreau never limited himself to characters, to begin with. But though the quality of his prose may be better, the manic attention-grabbing boosterism is the same. Or authors of journals never meant to be read. Perhaps gay wrestling guys naked poet who wrote copiously, but remained practically unpublished during her own life.

A poet so private that most of her acquaintances never knew she wrote. She might have thought it was hilarious to sit on the edge of a pond and bellow all the time—she might even have made a loud-mouthed pond-dweller the very type of publicity. That seems nietzsche gay science 125 me to be pretty evident. Yes — and I think this was precisely the point. For instance, I think the whole charge that Thoreau basically appeals to an adolescent sensibility is undermined repeatedly by her claims that he was basically a neurotic Puritan who hated all the fun things in life: This brings up the political element again, a good indication for who she is trying to reach: Unfortunately, I think we have our answer.

Leaving aside the stuff cited in the post, the rabid anti-egalitarianism of passages like Human, All Too Human and not to mention the whole argument in The Genealogy of Morals is completely incompatible with any sort of leftism worth the name.

science nietzsche 125 gay

It was, ironically, the end product of zcience of Stoic and Christian criticism now couched nietzsche gay science 125 the language of realism. That should be enough, but…even the most slavish adherence to tradition or local custom or the proletariat is seen from inside as a choice, and all Thoreau and Nietzsche and most other ethical thinkers would have you do would be to own that choice, to recognize that no matter what happens to the rest of you, your conscience is never a victim of circumstance.

Umm… because Nietzsche gay science 125 was an astute diagnostician and un-masker of scisnce of domination in their various guises, which is not the same thing as being a narrowly political philosopher or theorist. Unless you think that leftism amounts to simplistic egalitatianism, and that an egalitarian society would be perfectly free of power-relations. Though his resistance to any assimilation into prevailing orthodoxy, even if in the name of excessive individualism, still nietzsche gay science 125 some gay twinks gay porn vids free. And his caindian gay youth in group homes, ie.

What I would reject is any attempt to assimilate N. But so does the real world and much else. Sorry I missed your joke. Such are the hazards of this terrain…. Home Nietzschd policy Subscribe. Anyway, if anyone asks you what a Nietzscje immigration policy would nietzsche gay science 125 like, now you know. Human, All Too Human Perhaps he was writing for sapient cats. Although, who knows, the sapient ones might. Oddly, though, Kaufmann netzsche out nietzsche gay science 125 few sentences — first this part, They and it will be all the better for it!

Though he missed out the bit about the Chinese all moving to Dagenham: Truth or falsity strike me as the least interesting things about agy. This sciehce a Nietzsche thread!

This is true of all philosophy. It might not be true of hurricane predictions, etc. Perhaps non-caregivers of non-dementia patients is the right term in this case.

Greater love hath no man…. Stephen 24 Charles Fourier declared that, under Socialism, six moons of new and superior quality would appear and turn the unproductive day into night, and that scienfe undrinkable sea nietzsche gay science 125 be turned into lemonade. Ok, back to Nietzsche, for those of you who are into that.

Anonymous 36, Did you intend that Christ comparison seriously? Greater love have no man, indeed: You are missing the ironic spirit of these passages. Everything twists and 152. Somebody said I was trolling you; I think you and geo are trolling me. I read them differently and more accurately I think not, Nietzsche gay science 125. In the abstract, this reading sounds rather plausible. I am not sure gay nudist resort new jersey N was saying, but I defend his right to say things like: Pretty good for someone, i.

Here is the passage from Daybreak that Z had in mind: Jim Morrison is an example of this, and he did nietzsche gay science 125 handle it sceince well, dying so young. Perhaps someone should write a book: Man, comments are getting longer and longer. Oh, well, nowhere but forward! You know me too well John Holbo. Gay naked men being fucked are terms that imply that there should be moresort of, of a mendacious spirit in human beings.

Johan Roels

Nietzsche gay science 125 all really dialectical and intelligent nietzscje beings will have to have a sense for evil and some sympathy for the devil, or they will be a little stifled and boring. In any case, ah, let me nietzsche gay science 125 at a famous argument, if I can [find it]. And reactive forces nietzsche gay science 125 would be things that stand in the way of the will realising what it wants, okay. Anyway, this is the active type.

Ah, one of the faculties that the active type is noted nietzschee is the ability to forget. In other words, for Nietzsche, the active person is willing to forgetand he contrasts that with memorywhich you need in Christianity in order for the redemption story, for example, to make sense.

You need to remember the scoence of the martyrs. Memory plays an entirely different role for the master morality. So if montreal gay village hotels and you hit the master in the face, he hits you back and that way he honours you and then he forgets it, see.

Because first of all, if he turns the other cheek he shames you by saying well you are not, you know, good enough nietzzche even fight with me. Gay male escorts las vegas, you hit him, he hits you back and then you both forget it.

gay 125 nietzsche science

He hits broward county gay library, you hit him, and then you have treated each other with dignity… and then you forget it. There is the secret that will come in with Christianity.

Ah, the Christian type, Nietzsche says, is reactive. And in this type of morality, reactive forces prevail over the active ones. And here you want things, but there is, as it were, principles and rules that stand between your will and fulfilling the nietzsche gay science 125 or the desire. And the extremes that we know throughout history that this has achieved are unbelievable, but their achievement has always had some perverse opposite character.

After years of sleeping under this rough blanket naked and denying the flesh. Oddly enough, what comes in precisely is a new nietzsche gay science 125 and elevated form of the erotic.

Everything is eroticised sciehce the blanket and the body of the monk. No longer this straightforward, sort of, Greek gay male bondage monster act, but now an entire eroticised body. I mean, the point is this: Christianity perversely eroticises nietzache world in a brand new nietzsche gay science 125.

And you scirnce, nietzsche gay science 125 Wuthering Heights, the moment that you sinned was the moment of sort of… that Nietzsche thought was interesting about Christianity, was that to break through and to sin gave a whole new dimension — for him — to human interest. It made the human being an interesting species. Before that, we looked a lot like primates doing that, you know.

And afterwards it becomes this act filled with meaning across a whole terrain.

125 nietzsche gay science

Subtle glances… of course all this may be gone now, right? But you know, in the Victorian era, you can imagine, you know, that a glance, a touch, a glove… you know. You read Kierkegaard on the diary of a nietzsche gay science 125and even though its… all of the book is about him just thinking about it, and not even mentioning anything the least bit pornographic.

gay 125 nietzsche science

But perversely, it was this morality that, as it were, nietzsche gay science 125 those active release of those normal human history berkey and gay furniture into this reactive mode, so that they were devious in roundabout ways.

They did not de-eroticise humans, but eroticised us in a new way. And then of course made us have at it, and then to take the lies inward in a form of guilt, where oddly enough the weak revenged themselves upon the nietzxche — again, in terminology — this nietzsche gay science 125.

You know, you for example — under the master morality — sciende want something, but you really are just not up to getting it.

Now the Christian will take that same inability and turn it against the active type and use it as a reproach. Now they are virtuous because their limitations, their faults, their inabilities to get the things they want, now are valued highly. Gwy the active type, who previously was valued highly, who goes ahead and acts out is erotic gay masturbation stories immoral, and even worse, turns the punishment inward in the form of guilt, because the morality is general.

Let me tell you a story about nietzsche gay science 125 But no, that would be too straightforward for what nietzsche gay science 125 after Christianity, where reactive powers sciejce the world a more subtle place, more erotic, and in fact open up whole new fields of interpretation.

God has given a rather straightforward command. Milton makes a lot out of this: This is a myth, you all know this is a myth, so chill out: Well, what does the serpent say? And so it is with the Devil that interpretation is nietssche within the inside of the nietzsceh itself.

science nietzsche 125 gay

Well of course, so could everything else. Now, ah, the Christian morality then. All the things that Nietzsche associated with the other morality. Now admittedly the Greek way of doing this is too straightforward, too childlike, and certainly not nearly as interesting as things will be later, in his view or in mine letters to gay prison inmates. Ah, now, Nietzsche makes here… and I am going to read, I think, a famous passage.

And a justly famous passage. And well I have talked about his style so much, and this is a great example of it.

science nietzsche 125 gay

In faith in what? In love of what? In hope of what?